Launched! With Discounts! aka It is Alive…

Launched off and Ready to Sell!

It has been a tough month of tweaks and configurations in the world of web development, but the result is that Can of Art is launched and is now a fully functional online store! There is only one item for sale, and yes that will change soon as I have a couple more designs lined up in the next month or so.

I’ve sent an email back to all the pervious pop art creator version users, telling everyone that the New Pop Art Creator PRO has arrived. I gave a coupon as a sign of gratitude to all the V1 users to the value of 70% off in Total! Lucky Guys! I also remember you the reader, and would like to offer you a coupon too, I’ll give you an extra 10% off just for reading this post. Coupon Code: read15 to get 15% off (valid for April).


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