Upload High Quality Images to Facebook

Change a Normal Photo to HD Picture in Facebook

Facebook convers and compresses all photos and images, before publishing them, but with that done your graphic does loose quality.
However facebook does not convert .PNG’s If they are the right size…
Wait a minute… PNG’s are really BIG in size! I don’t want to waste time and but and make people wait long for the picture to load. Thankfully there is a way around that, here is the process:

 Watch this 3:30 Video Tutorial

Step 1
Save your image to a PNG (The Fast Way)

Let’s open your Pop Art Creation in Photoshop.
On a Mac press [CMD+Shit+S]
On a PC [CTRL+Shit+S]

  1. Set the Size to 960px
  2. Change the image to save as a PNG-24
  3. Save your Image

Compress your PNG Image with Transparency

Step 2

TWENTY FOUR BIT??? That must make your file size MASSIVE??!!!
Yes indeed, our sample image was 1,5MB

Solution? Go to: www.tinypng.org

Drag your photo where it asks you to, and tiny-png will selectively decrease the number of colours in the image and make it smaller. (This will be a little diffused – but nothing too noticeable)

We Saved a Whole MEGABYTE!!!

That’s it download your new image and upload to Facebook 😉


Nikita @ CANofART | TheAlikA | Flash Poets



p.s. you can also do it the long way…

Step 1
Save your image to a PNG (the Long Way)

(Just in case you missed a one of the 3 steps or have time to waste like i do right now…)
We will first resize your image into a flat layer (because the layers have different effects on them, the image can distort if it is not first rasterised).
Duplicate the image: Select [Image / Duplicate…]


Now Flatten your Image by going to [Layer / Flatten Image]

Resize the Flat Image to 960px wide (you can also resize it to 720px if you feel like a smaller photo.)
Image Size

Now Save it as a 24bit PNG. on a Mac press [CMD+Shit+S]  or on PC [CTRL+Shit+S]
save as png


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