POP ART Creator PRO (Commercial Licence)

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Photoshop Action that allows you to create your very own pop art images.

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This is closest it comes to recreating Andy Warhol’s Pop Art Screen Prints of Marilyn Monroe.
With this Action and .PSD file you can transform any photo into a screen printed image, and color in 5 colors.
The Plugin comes with 15 preset colors and 3 variations of the final and an extra, the diptych.
You can create High Quality Images of 20x20cm at 300DPI per frame.
This is the powerful plugin: POP ART Creator PRO

Video Tutorials




POP ART Creator PRO .zip
– POP ART Creator PRO v1.1.atn
– POP ART Creator PRO.psd
– Readme.txt

Personal Licence

This allows you to make portraits of yourself friends and family, print and display on the web for personal use.
This also allows you to make posters flyers and promotional material that does not include the selling of the POP ART artwork.

Commercial Licence

If you are planning to sell the results with this plugin you are able to purchase this license on request.
This allows you the unlimited sale of your generated artwork with up to 10 variations.
Meaning you can make 10 portraits and sell those portraits as many times as you want.

Business Licence

Say you own a business (for example an online printing shop) and you want to use this plugin to sell POP ART prints to all your clients. This is your licence! you can create Unlimited images and sell Unlimited Prints. Install on all computers in your office. – Lets make money, lets make pop art.

Master Licence

Perhaps you want to bundle this plugin with your software, or you think you can do a better job at selling this plugin than I. Get the right to sell the plugin itself, bundle it with your software and use the video tutorials too.

Please use the contact form to inquire for the price.
or email me at design@thealika.com

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