In The Beginning

CAN of ART has launched!

With the release of our very first product… The POP ART Creator Pro!
I have started out one year ago with the Pop Art Creator V1 on GraphicRiver and have come a long way since then, devoting my time to the creation of a better improved version. This PRO version has a bunch of features and some video tutorials (which have a very strange French resembling accent, which I hope you dont mind.)

So what is CAN of ART?
It is something that I wanted to create for a long time; It’s a shop for graphics, but not just any old thing… Only the BEST refined Graphics make it here. This is not going to be a solo website where I get to sell my own stuff, I sincerely plan to expand and seek out good artists to join and sell their artwork online without the heavy commission rate that other market places offer. I would love for this site to become a home of High Quality Artwork where Artists fellow art lovers can communicate with the artist.
And more specifically this site is going to be geared towards Custom Artwork.

Custom ArtWork:
I don’t believe that artwork should be overpriced. In the 70’s Kieth Haring became a know POP artist and his artwork started to sell big time, to which his reply was: “That is Crazy to think that people would pay so much for squiggles, Crazy!” I was working for a time with a website called fiver and learned something; There are many people who have developed skills over years and are not charging an arm and a leg for their work, they are charging $5. I’m not going to go that low, but I do want to keep rices reasonable.
So Hoping to find good artists that are hard workers! Impossible you say? Well no, Good Artists ARE Hard Workers. The lazy ones that think too much of them selves and party 24/7 those are celebrities with too much money not Artists – A true Artist finds pleasure in Art!

South Africa:
CoA is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and so naturally the search for Young and Aspiring artists is going to happen here. C.T. is a perfect place to get started as it is the ART Capital! And so if you are reading this and want to get involved, just send me a message using the contact form. And for everyone else… Enjoy the up and coming updates 😉

Where CANofART came from?
It is a project by TheAlikA made by Nikita Gaidouk.

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One thought on “In The Beginning

  1. Yesterday I purchased the Warhol Pop Art plug in for PhotoShop. This is a fun and very sophisticated plug in, geared toward intermediate PhotoShop users, well worth the $10. And, works smoothly with PhotoShop CC.

    The Can of Art website is a bit skimpy on information to customers. It would help if you included an information page and let people know the following. How many downloads are allowed for one purchase. Contact information if there is a problem. What operating systems the software works with. How to download the product after purchase. How to load the plug in, into PS.

    Regarding how to use the Warhol Pop Art Software. There is a lot of information in the videos and I figured it out by re-watching them. One must watch all three videos to understand how to work with the plug in. It would be helpful for you to spell this out on your web site. I didn’t realize there were three videos and by accident figured out there were three. Perhaps adding a PDF with a few basic steps, along with the video.

    Great Plug In. Thanks for producing it.

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