How to Install a Photoshop Action

Tutorial on how to install a Photoshop Action for the POP ART Creator PRO

How to install a Photoshop Action for the POP ART Creator

Watch a 15 second Tutoarial

How to install a Photoshop Action, was a question asked by Lee who bought the POP ART Creator PRO, and this is a reply. Might be useful to someone else out there 😉
Le me start by saying that an Action is not a Plugin it is a script that automates a process.

Any Action file, and the “POP ART Creator PRO V1.atn” should be able to install, simply by double clicking on it.

If Not, here is the trouble shoot guide I made for you.

How to install a Photoshop Action. The easy way:
Open Photoshop and show Actions by clicking Window/Actions.

Photoshop CS5 installing an action

Click on the options of the panel.

Photoshop CS6 Action Options .atn

Select Load Action from the list.

Adobe Photoshop on OSX Load Action Panel

Select the .atn Action File that came in the download “POP ART Creator PRO v1.1atn

Selecting an Action File from the OSX file System

Now you should see a Panel that looks like the play button with the POP ART Creator Action in it.

Running the Pop Art Creator Pro Action

From there on please feel free to open the .PSD file “POP ART Creator PRO.psd” and start the design process.
Please watch the Video Tutorials to get the best out of this action:
1. Overview []
2. Colors []
3. Image Toolkit []

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