Custom Photoshop Actions – To change the COLORS

Custom Photoshop Actions for Colors

Custom Photoshop Actions to change the COLORS in the POP ART Creator PRO.

Watch this 4min Tutorail:

Custom Photoshop Actions are not complicated, but have to be very precise! When done correctly they are simple and easy, but if you make one mistake the whole thing can give strange results or even give you an error. With that said, I will now give you DETAILED explanation how to make your own custom Photoshop actions.

A Photoshop Action is a set of recorded steps. Whatever you click when recording, Photoshop will remember it – when you press play it will do exactly what you have done before.


Lets Start by opening the Actions Panel:
Open Actions Panel From Photoshop

We are going to start editing the colors, starting from the Layer BG, so before we start the Action, lets make sure that any other layer is selected. (Because the first step Photoshop must record is “Select Layer BG”)
Select a layer in Photoshop Layers Panel


We will Create new Action by clicking the button at the bottom of the Actions Panel – and name it as you like and press Record.
Set the Record Action


Now Photoshop is recording your every click and remembering your every setting.
We can now select the Layer BG (you will see a new step appear in the actions panel)
Photoshop Actions Panel


Double Click on the color icon of the Layer BG and select your new color then click OK.
Select a color in Photoshop


Repeat this Process: Select the Layer Hair then double click the color icon, pick a color and hit OK, then move to the Eye Shadow layer, then Lipstick, and finally Skin.
Custom Photoshop Action


The Final Layer to Adjust is the Main Color this is usually the Black.
Select the layer, double click the icon to open the selective color properties and here you must change ALL the values, (it is very important that all of the values are changed, because if they are not the color will not reset itself, so if you had Cyan +40% from the previous color combination, and you only change Magenta now, you will still have the Magenta setting changed from the previous time.)
Change the color Sliders in selective colors using photoshop CS6


That is it! You may now stop the action by going to the action panel and pressing the STOP button.
Stop the Running Action in Photoshop CS5


I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, It is dedicated to Phillippe from France for asking about Custom Photoshop Actions.

If you find a really good color combination, please feel free to share, by sending me a zip in the contact form.


You may Download the colors I made in this tutorial here:
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