• Fix: Photoshop Not Creating Mask with Fill Layer

    Today’s Question: When I run the Action, It pauses and says… The command “Invert” is not currently available.   This is due to Photoshop settings: Photoshop does not create a mask on a solid fill layer, if you tell it to. Follow the steps below to allow creation of masks with fill layers by default.

  • Upload High Quality Images to Facebook

    Change a Normal Photo to HD Picture in Facebook Facebook convers and compresses all photos and images, before publishing them, but with that done your graphic does loose quality. However facebook does not convert .PNG's If they are the right size… Wait a minute... PNG's are really BIG in size! I don't want to waste [...] More
  • Custom Photoshop Actions for Colors

    Custom Photoshop Actions – To change the COLORS

    Custom Photoshop Actions to change the COLORS in the POP ART Creator PRO. Watch this 4min Tutorail: Custom Photoshop Actions are not complicated, but have to be very precise! When done correctly they are simple and easy, but if you make one mistake the whole thing can give strange results or even give you an [...] More
  • Tutorial on how to install a Photoshop Action for the POP ART Creator PRO

    How to Install a Photoshop Action

    How to install a Photoshop Action for the POP ART Creator Watch a 15 second Tutoarial How to install a Photoshop Action, was a question asked by Lee who bought the POP ART Creator PRO, and this is a reply. Might be useful to someone else out there ;) Le me start by saying that an Action is not [...] More
  • Launched! With Discounts! aka It is Alive…

    Launched off and Ready to Sell! It has been a tough month of tweaks and configurations in the world of web development, but the result is that Can of Art is launched and is now a fully functional online store! There is only one item for sale, and yes that will change soon as I …

  • In The Beginning

    CAN of ART has launched! With the release of our very first product… The POP ART Creator Pro! I have started out one year ago with the Pop Art Creator V1 on GraphicRiver and have come a long way since then, devoting my time to the creation of a better improved version. This PRO version has a bunch of …

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